Thursday, August 18, 2011

diy wedding tree guestbook

A personalized wedding tree "guest book" is a wonderful way for your guests to have some fun. Unlike many guest books that just sit in a closet collecting dust, my husband and I have our "guest book" hanging on the wall so that we can enjoy looking at it everyday. 

I bought a picture frame from JoAnn's and a cardboard piece of canvas. I had to cut the canvas down to make sure it would fit in the opening. I decided to put a canvas inside the picture frame because I knew it would be much sturdier than just using the cardboard backing that comes with the frame. After the paint dried, I drew out the tree with a pencil and then went over it with a fine point Sharpie. Last, I wrote "Our Wedding Tree" and our wedding date "5.14.11" on the bottom using a Sharpie.
I bought 3 different ink pads from Michael's so that there would be a variety of leaf colors. I made sure to have baby wipes for the guests to clean their thumbs after making a print. After they left their thumb print, they waited a few seconds for the ink to dry and then wrote their name either on the leaf print or beside the print. 
I made a chalkboard sign to include on the table for directions. ""Leaf" a thumbprint and sign your name"

After the wedding, I put the glass that came in the picture frame back in the frame to protect the tree. 

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