Friday, August 5, 2011

diy wedding favors

I had an extremely hard time finding affordable wedding favors for 120 guests. I thought it was pointless to spend much on wedding favors (since most wedding favors get thrown away or people don't even pick a favor up). So like many other wedding aspects, I decided to do it myself and get creative!
Andrew's nickname for me is Jellybean so we decided it would be special if we gave Jellybeans as favors. Since we got married after Easter we were able to buy Jellybeans at discount prices at grocery stores. I bought white cardboard boxes at Michael's for less than $20, bought 2 roles of aqua ribbon for $3, and ordered stickers from Vistaprint with a Vistaprint credit I had. I enrolled some family and friends to help me put everything together. The final product turned out super cute and less than $1 each. 

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