About Me

Some of my loves....
HGTV, creative/DIY/home decor blogs, being creative, painting, decorating, movies, shopping, dressing up, Pinterest, spending time with my family, husband and friends!

About my life...
I just got married to my best friend in May. My husband and are an eharmony success story. I'm always a little reluctant to tell people this because I never know how people are going to react. But yes indeed...I did online dating and it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was frustrated with not meeting the "right kind of guy" and had considered checking out online dating because one of my sisters met her husband on match.com. I kept seeing commercials about a free communication weekend over the Fourth of July and considered this a sign. So I figured...why not go on there and try it for a few days and the best part, for free? I endured the extremely long questionnaire. I am extremely thankful that I didn't chicken out during this long hour process.  
Andrew was my first match. We met up in my local town for our first date after talking for over a month. Our first date lasted for almost 12 hours. We were having such a great time and didn't want to leave one another. Ever since that day, we've been together.
Andrew is a Lieutenant for the Air Force and will be starting flight school to become a pilot. Therefore, we will be moving around quite a bit. I've always lived around Atlanta my whole life and I've never had a chance to travel. So I look forward to finally getting that chance. I look forward to the new military way of life and meeting new people and sharing my creativity with others.