Sunday, January 15, 2012

Halloween ghost cookies

So this post is super late. But maybe this post will be helpful for next Halloween.

This ghost cookies are super simple and delicious. All you need it white chocolate, nutter butter cookies, and black decorative icing.

Melt the white chocolate using the directions on the package. Dip one side of the nutter butter in the chocolate and lay on wax paper white white chocolate side facing up on wax paper to dry. (When I did this for the first time I made the mistake of trying to dip the whole Nutter Butter in the chocolate and they ended up sticking to the wax paper and making a mess). Once all of the nutter butters have one side covered with white chocolate and they are completely dry then cover the other side with white chocolate and allow to dry on wax paper. After they are dry then use your black icing to draw on the faces. You are done! Super easy...right?!?!

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